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Weekend of Post Processing

I've been focused on color toning the last few weeks and knew I had a series of unedited images from my shoot with hip-hop artist Sy Scott last April that would be perfect for what I had in mind.

The post process is my favorite part of a photo. Being able to manipulate the environment and light to create the scene in my head as opposed to the view through my lens is where the fun starts. These first few images I knew I wanted to create a darker, moodier feel then I had in the original capture. The light fall off in the original image was perfect for the look I wanted to, but I was going to have to darken the environment and introduce some atmosphere to help set the mood.

The animation below will provide a sampling of the evolution from the RAW capture to final image.






This next image I wanted to completely contrast the dark moody feel of the previous images.  When we shot this series the sun was setting and the sky was really blowing out and giving me some harsh flares. I knew this was going to end up being a composite shot so I let the backgrounds blow out and used the harsh sun as a really nice backlight and filled  him in with the large octabank. The first step once I had neutralized the image in Lightroom was to find a background image that would just add a just enough interest to set the location and but not take the focus off of Sy. I had plenty of skyline shots but needed to find similar light in the background image as I already had in the image of Sy.  I ended up landing on an image I had shot in Piedmont Park one afternoon about a year earlier.


The animation below will provide a sampling of  evolution from the RAW capture to final image.